5-Year PHA Plan (for All PHAs), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office of Public and Indian Housing OMB No. 2577-0226, Expires: 02/29/2016

Purpose. The 5-Year and Annual PHA Plans provide a ready source for interested parties to locate basic PHA policies, rules, and requirements concerning the PHA’s operations, programs, and services, and informs HUD, families served by the PHA, and members of the public of the PHA’s mission, goals and objectives for serving the needs of low- income, very low- income, and extremely low- income families

Applicability. Form HUD-50075-5Y is to be completed once every 5 PHA fiscal years by all PHAs.

A.PHA Information.

A.1 PHA Name:

Punta Gorda Housing Authority PHA Code: FL060

PHA Plan for Fiscal Year Beginning: (MM/YYYY): 04/2019
PHA Plan Submission Type: 5-Year Plan Submission

Availability of Information. In addition to the items listed in this form, PHAs must have the elements listed below readily available to the public. A PHA must identify the specific location(s) where the proposed PHA Plan, PHA Plan Elements, and all information relevant to the public hearing and proposed PHA Plan are available for inspection by the public. Additionally, the PHA must provide information on how the public may reasonably obtain additional information on the PHA policies contained in the standard Annual Plan, but excluded from their streamlined submissions. At a minimum, PHAs must post PHA Plans, including updates, at each Asset Management Project (AMP) and main office or central office of the PHA. PHAs are strongly encouraged to post complete PHA Plans on their official websites. PHAs are also encouraged to provide each resident council a copy of their PHA Plans.

The public may view copies of the 5-Year Plan and related elements at the Punta Gorda Housing Authority “PGHA” administrative offices located at 340 Gulf Breeze avenue, Punta Gorda, Florida.

PHA Consortia: N/A
Participating PHAs PHA Code Program(s) in the Consortia Program(s) not in the Consortia No. of Units in Each Program
Lead PHA:

B. 5-Year Plan.

Required for all PHAs completing this form.

B.1 Mission.

State the PHA’s mission for serving the needs of low- income, very low- income, and extremely low- income families in the PHA’s jurisdiction for the next five years.

The mission of the Punta Gorda Housing Authority is to provide quality, affordable housing that is well maintained and free from drugs, violent crime, and discrimination while serving residents with the highest degree of professional courtesy, empathy and respect.

B.2 Goals and Objectives.

Identify the PHA’s quantifiable goals and objectives that will enable the PHA to serve the needs of low- income, very low- income, and extremely low- income families for the next five years.

Goal 1: Expand the supply of assisted/affordable housing.
Objective: Leverage private or other public funds to create additional housing opportunities.
Objective: Acquire or build units or developments, either directly or through the mixed finance approach.

Goal 2: Improve the quality of assisted/affordable housing.
Objective: Improve public housing management (PHAS) score.
Objective: Maintain voucher management (SEMAP score).
Objective: Upgrade building systems and modernize Oak Tree Village public housing development. This includes taking unit’s offline to complete such upgrades.
Objective: PGHA will complete a revision of the Housing Choice Voucher Administration Plan and Public Housing Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan. Once completed PGHA will revise annually based on new regulations.
Objective: Provide replacement public housing.

In addition to leveraging private/public funds, PGHA will utilize the below listed funding sources to best maximizes PGHA’s housing needs.

The sale of Marion Ave lot
Insurance proceeds from the hurricane
Capital Funds
PGHA funds available for public housing
Project Based Vouchers

Goal 3: Provide an improved living environment.
Objective: Implement measures to de-concentrate poverty by bringing higher income public housing households into lower income developments.
Objective: Implement measures to promote income mixing in public housing by assuring access for lower income families into higher income developments.
Objective: Designate developments of buildings for particular resident groups (elderly, persons with disabilities).
Objective: Maintain Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency through the ROSS grant or available public housing funds.

Goal 4: Ensure equal opportunity and affirmatively further fair housing.
Objective: Undertake affirmative measures to ensure access to assisted housing regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability.
Objective: Undertake affirmative measures to provide a suitable living environment for families living in assisted housing regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability.
Objective: Undertake affirmative measures to ensure accessible housing to persons with all varieties of disabilities regardless of unit size required.

B.3 Progress Report.

Include a report on the progress the PHA has made in meeting the goals and objectives described in the previous 5-Year Plan.

Goal 1: PGHA has made significant progress in replacing its apartments destroyed by Hurricane Charley. PGHA and its developer partner have completed development of 3 mixed finance rental projects including Gulf Breeze Apartments, Verandas I and Verandas II. Gulf Breeze includes 171 units total, of which 85 are public housing units ranging in size from 1 to 4 bedrooms. Verandas I includes 60 senior apartments of which 30 are public housing and 30 are assisted with Project Based Vouchers. Verandas II includes 60 senior apartments of which 35 are public housing, 15 are assisted with Project Based Vouchers and 10 are unassisted Low Income Housing Tax Credit “LIHTC” units.

PGHA is assessing alternatives to maximize the number of public housing units under its Faircloth Limit (4 units) in combination with other affordable units whether through additional mixed finance development on the Verandas (or another site to be acquired), acquisition of existing units or construction of new (non-mixed finance) units on a site(s) to be acquired, which activities may or may not involve related disposition requests. PGHA previously established an affiliated not-for-profit called Punta Gorda Development Corporation “PGDC’ for the purpose of acquiring, developing, rehabilitating and/or managing affordable housing opportunities and will utilize this entity as another tool to expand affordable housing opportunities. PGDC acquired 4 market rental units though Charlotte County CDBG grants. These 4 units are comprised of all 2 bedroom 2 baths. They are located in the City of Punta Gorda.

Goal 2: PGHA is assessing the most cost effective way to add 4 additional public housing units to its portfolio and is pursuing a mixed finance redevelopment of family units on the Verandas site (Veranda Phase III). PGHA successfully attached project based assistance to 45 of the Verandas units and will explore the continued use of PBV to leverage additional affordable housing resources in the community in conjunction with its redevelopment initiatives. PGHA completed the sale of its Marion Avenue site, with sale proceeds intended to build affordable units and/or modernize the Oak Tree Village units.

PGHA established a 1-800 waiting list hotline number. This number is used for all participants to find out the status of their position on the wait lists.

Goal 3: PGHA received HUD approval of the Elderly Only Designated Housing Plan for up to 39 public housing units at the Verandas sites (Phase I and II contain 35 designated units). Completion of the Verandas projects has increased the supply of housing specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors, and the number of available fully accessible units in the community. PGHA entered into an agreement with the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition for Florida Housing Finance Corporation “FHFC” required referral process for special needs households for 6 units at Verandas I and 3 units at Verandas II (PBV units). PGHA established working preferences for admissions to both Section 8 and Public Housing, effectively deconcentrating poverty in both Oak Tree Village and Gulf Breeze Apartments, and the Housing Choice Voucher “HCV” program. PGHA continues to maintain required income set asides in both programs.

Goal 4: PGHA continues to train staff in the areas of fair housing on annual basis. In addition, PGHA has updated Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan to include the family definition, equal access language and the HUD regulations under CFR 24 §982.552 and §983.553 to deny admission based on background checks.

B.4 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Goals. Provide a statement of the PHA’s goals, activities, objectives, policies, or programs that will enable the PHA to serve the needs of child and adult victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

PGHA promotes healthy relationships by offering tenants educational meetings and one on one counseling. In addition, PGHA assist victims through the referral process to Center for Abuse and Rape Emergency “C.A.R.E.”. Furthermore, PGHA continues to participate in the annual Domestic Abuse Awareness Month and attends educational meetings with C.A.R.E.

B.5 Significant Amendment or Modification.

Provide a statement on the criteria used for determining a significant amendment or modification to the 5-Year Plan.

PGHA considers a Substantial Deviation from its 5-Year Plan to include:
The addition of new activities that do not otherwise further PGHA’s stated mission or further the goals set forth in the current 5-Year Capital Plan.
An exception to this definition will be made for any new activities that are adopted to reflect changes in HUD regulatory requirements or as a result of a declared emergency (such changes will not be considered a substantial deviation by PGHA).

PGHA considers a Significant Amendment or Modification to the Plan to include:
Addition of new program initiatives not included in the current 5-Year Capital Plan.
Demolition or disposition, designation or conversion activities not currently identified in the plan or otherwise approved by HUD.
An exception to this definition will be made for any of the above that are adopted to reflect changes in HUD regulatory requirements or as a result of a declared emergency (such changes will not be considered significant amendments or modifications by PGHA).

B.6 Resident Advisory Board (RAB) Comments.

(a) Did the RAB(s) provide comments to the 5-Year PHA Plan? No

(b) If yes, comments must be submitted by the PHA as an attachment to the 5-Year PHA Plan. PHAs must also include a narrative describing their analysis of the RAB recommendations and the decisions made on these recommendations.

B.7 Certification by State or Local Officials.

Form HUD 50077-SL, Certification by State or Local Officials of PHA Plans Consistency with the Consolidated Plan, must be submitted by the PHA as an electronic attachment to the PHA Plan.

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